HP TransactionVision vs. AppDynamics? Pros and Cons?

I was going through APM tools to identify the best one for a large enterprise (having thousands of users & millions of transactions per hour) and came across both HP TransactionVision as well as AppDynamics. Could you provide some comparison b/w the two tools; both being utilized for APM?

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I have not tried any of the performance management tools but however, I would suggest to look at the Appdynamics. I am working for a local distributor in Singapore and is happy with the support I am getting from the team at Appdynamics. It is user friendly, and it supports most of the features that customers want. Appdynamics is at the leading with a deep-dive and distributed transaction tracing capability.

Look at the Gartner chart before making your decisions.

Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

I agree with Brian Lynch as we need to understand your requirements before deciding which APM suits you the best or comparison.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to any of us :)

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I work for LEVEL5 around our product: Nudge-APM.
NudgeAPM is for me much better than any other tool I am biased of course but let me explain why.
NudgeAPM is dev. oriented tools for troubleshooting errors and problem on production env. Overhead is below 1% and this value is showing on dashboard. Our ambition is to deploy NudgeAPM on production env. and to cover global application portfolio. To reach our objective, we focus the product on key features and attractive price especially for high volume of apps to cover.

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Can I ask what it is you’re trying to use these tools for first?

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At the end of the how well the product/solution can cater to your needs is important. NPS becomes irrelevant if the product is not doing its job. From my knowledge, Compuware APM (solution) solution is best suited for Medium to large enterprise.
A word of caution, do not heed to aggressive marketing/sales tactics by any vendor. Take your time to evaluate.

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I work for AppDynamics and I'm not going to just flat out tell you what's the best solution for you without exploring your pain points and use cases. Notice the other vendors here have immediately started selling you their solution with no regard for your actual problems (and some have included information that is factually untrue). What I CAN tell you about AppDynamics is that we are a company that truly cares about our relationship with our customers and our technology does everything we say it can to help you solve your problems. This is reflected in our industry best customer satisfaction score (NPS score) which is an 84 on a scale of -100 to 100. Companies with poor scores wont publish them or show you proof of the actual number.

I suggest you reach out directly to the APM companies that you're interested in and let them know the challenges you're facing so that they can assist you in applying their software solution to your relieving your IT pain.

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I work for Fluke Networks, so of course I am biased - but here's a link to the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report. It compares the top tier solutions in the AANPM/NPMD space. Hope it helps in your search.

Lynzee Tucker
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I would look at dynaTrace from Compuware (which is where I work).

The dynaTrace product is unique because it is the only solution that captures 100% of the transactions, while staying below a 2% overhead. This is important because one of the largest obstacles developers face in trying to solve an error is to duplicate that error. But because all the transactions are captured you don't need to do that, it's just right there and a session file can be sent to the correct parties. If your solution is just sampling, you'll end up missing a lot of outliers.

Additionally, dynaTrace is used by 9 out of 10 of the largest US banks, the largest online retailer, the largest insurance companies, and 375 out of the Fortune 500. As a whole Compuware is the largest provider of APM, according to Gartner. So there is no issue with scalability.

Good luck in your search.

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HP is good in their own HP working field. AppDynamics is a tool which is objective and good in all sort of environments.

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