I am looking into getting a Cyberoam UTM, what do you think?

I am looking into getting a Cyberoam UTM but am put off by the difficulty in contacting them. We currently have a Firewall which ties into our Active Directory but also filters all of our email before redirecting it to our online Kerio based email server. I am wondering how hard it will be to setup as well as what kind of technical support I can expect during setup and beyond? We currently have around 50 PCs in our office and I would like to setup about 3 VPNs as well.

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We have Cyberoam model CR50iNG in High Availability. For while, the solution is working for us. And we have almost 50 PCs and 10 servers.

VPNs, Firewall Rules, Web Filters, Application Filters and IPS are configured. The only thing to complain is about some configuration that needs to be done in command line, and others through GUI.

The Cyberoam International support is efficient, until now...

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Cyberoam UTM is having very easy GUI based configuration.

Easy to replace

You just get your current firewall's configurations like routing config,
Email filtering config, LDAP config for AD integration.

Cyberoam's KB is also good you can configure LDAP from below link and you
can also configure email filtering from another link which will download


Still if you will not able to configure it than you can contact cyberoam
support they are very supportive and than also if you face problem than you
can mail me.

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Would personally recommend you to go with DELL SonicWALL – awesome round-the-clock support( 24x7 ) with a good record on security front.
Cyberoam was a disappointment. It failed to deliver its promises and I’m scared to recommend it anymore.
Please go through this link once-

Cyberoam was hacked this 2nd Jan 2016!!

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I am Cyberoam Partner and CCNSP and have implemented various Cyberoam installations. Regarding the support I could say that it good (cyberoam central support since the appliance is registered) and the Knowledge Base is one of the best that I've seen (comparing to Cisco, Juniper, Watchguard). Finally the Layer 8 innovation (cyberoam patent) is something that I find very useful in modern infrastructures.

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First of all, for 50 users, you can go for Cyberoam 25iNG or 35iNG because it is normally calculated as users double the model number. However for higher performance and throughput, one might opt to a bit higher model (let's say, 50iNG).

With reference to email server query, the email server can be setup behind the Cyberoam. Please have a look at this KB. (https://kb.cyberoam.com/default.asp?id=1630).

In reference to VPN, there are KB article for setting up IPSEC VPN. (https://kb.cyberoam.com/default.asp?id=1633).

I request you to please approach the customer and share all his requirements with proper IP schema so that we can help you more perfectly.

Concerning Technical Support, one can email them (support@cyberoam.com) or have a live chat with them (https://www.cyberoam.com/contactsupport.html). Their communication channels are very effectively.

Hoping the above answers most of your questions.

Best Regards,


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First of all, for 50 users, you can go for Cyberoam 25iNG or 35iNG because
it is normally calculated as users double the model number. However for
higher performance and throughput, one might opt to a bit higher model
(let's say, 50iNG).

With reference to email server query, the email server can be setup behind
the Cyberoam. Please have a look at this KB. (

In reference to VPN, there are KB article for setting up IPSEC VPN. (

I request you to please approach the customer and share all his
requirements with proper IP schema so that we can help you more perfectly.

Concerning Technical Support, one can email them (support@cyberoam.com) or
have a live chat with them (https://www.cyberoam.com/contactsupport.html).
Their communication channels are very effectively.

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Support is best via their live chat. I have always been able to resolve all our technical issues through that communication method. With Sophos buying out Cyberoam I’m not sure how the products will continue to be developed.

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I'm speaking from the sophos point of view (sophos utm architect and doing my XG architecture course now) who owns cyberoam now and has developed their next gen firewall based on their technology. Support from AU has been fine and their KB articles will answer 95% of the questions. What you stated will work fine using the XG version of their firewall. 

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You should also consider the new Sophos devices as Sophos now own Cyberoam and have taken the best from Cyberoam and paired it with their own technology..

Both are good products but we find support from Sophos to be better than Cyberoam and the devices are really easy to configure..

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It all depends on what security objective(s) you are trying to achieve. ?Cyberroam offers you a centralized visibility into your network activity. Since you have an Active Directory already centralized your users and their credentials, what is the rationale for the three VPNs? Who will be using it and what will they be accessing?

Cyberoam is a nice product that will provide you not only centralization, but also provide data confidentiality. Definition of your configuration objectives will be a good starting point.

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The integration its very easy, here you can search for all the steps related


and for the Antispam filtering you can check this link


The best recomendation will be to talk to some VAR of your region, but you can also ask for help in the Chat support of www.cyberoam.com

Hope it helps

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I came across plenty of Cyberoam customer, non of them are happy. Their network is 100% vulnerable and the appliance is easily penetrated.

But old astaro software and hardware are good product, but yes support is bathetic.

Sophos is a good company but very low presences on India. So the support also poor.

Sophos and astaro merging a good induction. Good result as well.

Acquisitions of elite core / Cyberoam is a marketing strategy to gather india market. The new hardware with sophos software yet to come to market, it will be early to chose this product.

Cyberoam support is good, they always do remotely rather than educating and giving training programme to partner engineer.

Cyberoam appliance is a big fail in technology point of view. But good in marketing point of view. Only because of wrong technology the company was sold out. The so called 8th layer marketing trend take the company to its end.

Good news for the customer is that now they are in a good position as world leader sophos squared this.

Those who plan for an utm should not go for Cyberoam as it is in migration stage.

Let new appliances of sophos come to market.

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Cyberoam is only selling Cyberoam Firewalls trough Partners. I know the one for Belgium but not in other Countries. Cyberoam is SOPHOS now ! Kind regards, Sven.

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it looks everyone here knows a lot about cyberoam and everyone is a big fan of sophos. for all of you it perfect time to know that cyberoam is sophos now, and cyberoam products line specially ING versions are not going to retire any soon, because sophos still selling cyberoam ING boxes. as per support is concern cyberoam is the only company in entire world who has got SIX Sigma crtification for its technical support center after GE.. one of our customer her faced some problem in single sign on, please contact our CE team if you face any problem with it. reporting in cyberoam is the best in cyberoam, we won many deals only because of our reporting feature, but please dont expect that whatever you decided to see comes out of our reporting console. for your information let me tell you cyberoam boxes manage 30000 users in a single campus of KIIT in odisha state (india) so stop saying the product have bugs, even if it have it does not make any sense because in every new release we solve those bugs, every product have bugs and every OEM resolve those every quarter by releasing new firmware. at last all i can say cyberoam is a great product to have and it has millions of happy customer worldwide.

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I've been working for years with Cyberoam and I'm struggle to remember any major issue that isn't resolved.
To be precise since it was clear they are squired by Sophos, everything has changed for worst.
The firmware's development just stop, so issues ticket's just wont get solved, bugs undressed, etc.
New Sophos firmware, as described above, is very much based on what Cyberoam was and considering the fact that any appliance can be upgraded to latest Sophos XG, you can think to buy one, especially if the offer is good.
Sophos support is not tested by me so I will not comment this topic.
As hardware reliability Cyberoams are good enough for anyone.
Logical step anyway, is to purchase native Sophos appliance if Cyberoam does not have significant price advantage.


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Cyberoam is an appliance that concentrates all the security aspects in one single platform.

You can integrate it with the active directory and use the anti-Spam module if your email server is local and you will be cover.

The SSL VPN are free in all the appliance and the appliance cost affordable.

If you have 50 users I recommend to you The CR35iNG with the TVS license –that includes Antivirus, WebApp Filter, IPS, Anti-Spam and 8x5 support- and you will be more than cover with the throughput.

The technical support is recommend by chat and email, they try to resolve your issue and they access to your appliance remotely to check the problem.

We are authorized reseller, tell me where are you located and I can put in contact with the right person.

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Sophos is a very competent technical company and makes excellent hardware and good updates for their products. I have been a Sophos / ASTARO customer for > 10 years. I am rarely satisfied with their technical support. Sometimes when I have needed help it I have played email tag, or have been frustrated with them passing the buck between departments. I have gotten the excuse of them hiring more support staff. This excuse has been given for the last 8 years.

For example when we purchased AV managed by the UTM, it took many phone calls / etc before I could get someone who could help me. By the time it took to do this I had figured out the issue / bug with their install routine and rectified the problem myself by changing a line in a configuration file on the affected workstations.

I have not left them because I believe they make VERY good products.

Rating for hardware / Software: 9.5 of 10.
Rating for Technical support: 5 of 10.

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I implemented a CR500iNG-XP a few months back. The cyberoam brand will be dead in about five years, according to the Sophos guy I chatted too. Its already being bundled with Sophos firmware options now.

Personal experience of Cyberoam, buggy as hell, very rude high level support.

I found loads of bugs in the first month ranging from SSO live users bugs which caused my users to dump out of their authentication groups every hour or so.

I have loads of other tissues ranging from bugs in drawing simple surfing reports all the way to misreported traffic.

Stay well away from this immature product which is being folded into the Sophos stable anyway. If you want to hear more about the cyberoam just drop me a direct mail. Pay the extra cash, go with a proper brand.

Warm Regards
Gareth Milne

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you can use Cyberoam Cr50iNG and by the way it will support you in the new Firmware Sophos XG or you can use Sophos XG direct XG210 with full guard license both work will and if you want you can access the Demo for Sophos to see how it easy to work with it Simply go to https://demo.sophos.com and log in using the credentials:
Username: demo
Password: demo

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I have been using Cyberoam for the past 5 years and find it ok for filtering traffic and managing user bandwidth. Support wise we do not have much of an issue as we have subscribed for the 8x5 package. However, I really don’t like their constant use of Team Viewer to solve problems. I have not faced many problems but that is also due to the fact that I am not utilizing it more than I feel it should be.

There is a lot that can be done on the device. Bandwidth cap, policies for blocking sites etc. But at the same time, we are doing away with the device as it no longer gives us the features we need.

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He can use Cyberoam Cr50iNG to handle his currant need and to give him full control over his network connection
Also he can work as VPN server (IPsec, SSL, L2tp, pptp)
Web/application filter, QoS, Link management
Email security, AV/AS, IIPS

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Cyberoam UTM is so easy to setup and manage, it also has a very rich knowledge base as far as support is concerned. I’m sure you will not have any challenges. So you have chosen the right solution.

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OK Boys...
For me Legacy UTM is back...
Best actual hybrid solution formed by high performance VPN Firewall (I love PfSense) and OpenDNS or another Cloud Provider Proxy performer more than a older configuration.
Consider a high level of inspection befor your wan and lan (the cloud DNS filter work into word and not into lan as a legacu UTM) and perfect integration with AD : this is enterprise standard in the US and other big nation... +
Everycloud inspection of your mail, unrivaled service for best scanner and false positive, all my customer not know today a ransomware...

In fact 3 product :
1 : VPN Firewall (redunded is possible)
2 : DNS Filter for policy and inspection
3 : Mail filter service

not other...for me
best regards

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Cyberoam is a good vendor when it comes to value for money, besides you can write an email to Cyberoam support & you will surely get a reply. Secondly it is very easy to setup the Cyberoam UTM device, but if you are note confident it would be best to get a local certified Cyberoam partner to do the needful for you.

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Hi, as a Sophos Gold Partner, I would recommend leaving Cyberoam option right away, since this company has been both by Sophos, and we would expect EOL any time now. With Sophos, we actually have two options, the Sophos UTM which is the NGFW that has been developed and supported long time ago, or the recent version Sophps XG which is the Sophps-Cyberoam MixUp (more Cyberoam than Sophos to be honest). Either way, it will be supported with world class support and warranty. We offer 3 year warranty (with any active subscription). Please go to http://www.acgofamericas.com/index.php/en/contact-en and leave us your details so we can quote you the correct appliance. We ship into the United States and Colombia South America. Hope this helps!

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Given they have just been bought out by Sophos and you are having difficulty getting in touch with them, I would look at a Sophos UTM instead. Ability to get in touch with support is key, and Sophos already have a UTM product so the cyberoam units are probably not long for this world

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Well, I am not a Cyberoam user but can say for sure fortigate UTMs can handle all the requirements from the requester in a very easy to deploy and manageable manner.

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