I want to migrate from SAP BO to Tableau, is it possible?

I would like to know equivalent things in Tableau for SAP BO Universe.

Does Tableau Data Source is equivalent to SAP BO Universe?

Does Tableau have semantic layer concepts?

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I would say it depends on how you're using BO currently, but in most cases, Tableau is not effective as a full replacement for BO. It handles the data visualization side much better than BO, but is not intended to be an Ad Hoc/Automated report creation & distribution tool. Also, Tableau data sources are generally much more focused (fewer columns) than BO Universes, in order to maintain performance. There have been particular use cases where it's made sense for us to replace certain reports in BO with a Tableau solution, but overall, there will always be cases where BO remains the better or only option. Happy to answer any other questions if you have any!

23 August 16
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