Infobright vs. Exadata vs. Teradata vs. SQL Server Data Warehouse- which is most compatible with front end tools?

Which is the best Data Warehousing solution that is compatible with front end tools?

We're considering Infobright, Exadata, Teradata and SQL Server Data Warehouse. What are the pros and cons for each of these solutions?

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I think hands down it's Exadata since for the front end apps it's just another Oracle database which means everything under the sun is compatible with it.

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You are asking about front end tools but you do not mention which ones. What you have are "database backends" and each has different features. The utilization will depend on what kind of expertise you have available else you will end up trying to implement say, Teradata on Exadata which may not give you the best solution. What are your criteria for success? Based on these you will have to evaluate each solution -- I am sure each vendor will be happy to set up the environment and work with your set of sampl,e data to show you have they evaluate against your criteria.

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Given we partner with many or all of the above, or can get to them as we access all data, I have the following opinion - InfoBright is very new and probable to be sold long term. It is also an expensive subscription so presents highest risk to me. Exidata is Oracle - if you like Oracle and their style, it maybe ok, but then it is Oracle. Microsoft is Microsoft - tends to be cheap to acquire and expensive to implement and maintain. Teradata is pricey but of the group presents the least risk and the greatest number of front end partners. The product I represent is unique as it is designed for high complexity large numbers of users and data and runs inside Teradata taking better advantage of the architecture.

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