2017-03-30 17:35:00 UTC

Informatica or SSIS on Azure Cloud?

Which ETL tool is be better to use on Azure Cloud? Informatica or SSIS? 

Can you lists the pros and cons for both ETL tools?

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I suggest looking at comparing SSIS verses Informatica in terms of meeting your unique needs and then assess each one's capabilities in cloud verses your expectations for why you want it off-perm.

Note that any tool can run on Azure cloud in IaaS/PaaS. Azure SSIS as SaaS doesn't yet exist and Informatica never will as its not an MS product. Cloud services are many things and you didn't specify which services you are interested in within Azure. No one with any integrity can answer your question without knowing your specific needs. Those two tools are very different from each other in architecture and price and whether they are running in Azure or AWS or on-prem doesn't really have much to do with whether they meet your needs or not.

2017-04-05 03:09:08 UTC
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Hi, I advise you to look at SnapLogic (iPaaS); I spent a couple of months analysing all the vendors, apart from the fact I have personal operational experience of Boomi, Informatica and TIBCO. Depends what strategy and budget you have.

2017-04-03 15:44:53 UTC
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