Is SonarQube the best tool for static analysis?

Is SonarQube is the best tool for static analysis or there are any good tools which compete with SonarQube?

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Static tool we can use Fortify or IBM Appscan.

SonarQube widely used for coding standards

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Please have a look at the TICS framework, offered by www.tiobe.com, it is heavily used in the embedded industry, like Philips, ASML, Porsche, etc, to check the quality of the code. This framework also combines various other tools, like Coverity, Fortify and others.

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Veracode will work with it & give value on complimentary way ..

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@Anshuman Kishore @TibinLukose @Donovan Greeff you've recently written reviews for SonarQube - do you have some insight to help @Manoj Kumar Kemisetty with this question? 

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