Is SSO safe?

SSO seems like a great way to simplify secure user authentication, but is it safe? If SSO is compromised, surely this poses a greater risk, as then all one's passwords can be accessed across all applications? 

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Firstly let me assure you once you have SSO integration in place using good tool then there is no chance of hacking. If you still think it can be you can go for the MFA(Multi Factor Authentication) where each user will be asked to provide second authentication(ike OTP,Finger Print).

MFA will make sure that authenticated user will only have access.

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Yes, it is completely secure, in the new identity unification tools you must add a key component, multi-factor authentication (MFA), so you can confirm that the authenticated user using the SSO credentials is not being impersonated or that their credentials are compromised, applies to personnel who manage platforms such as those who have access to sensitive information in the organization. Microsoft counts, for example, with Azure AD Premium, allows SSO, MFA, but is also supported over conditional authentication (CA).

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SSO is a good concept BUT the implementation is fundamentally flawed that’s why it is not secure.  Fortunately, that is very easy to fix and the solution on how to fix it it available now.

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