Is there a good comparison (matrix) for Microsoft Identity Manager vs any identity and access management solutions?


I'm researching identity management/identity and access management solutions. Are there any good comparison matrices comparing Microsoft Identity Manager to other identity and access management solutions?

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Good question, but hard to answer. There are comparison matrices/reports provided by reputable organizations like Gartner or Forrester, but what they rate as a number 1 could easily be a product which won't help you. And although anyone who contributes to their reports try to be as objective as possible, we noticed that also those reports are "colored".
My advise would be to sit together with (representatives of) stakeholders and make a list of topics you want to have adressed by the tools (what does it need to do in your organization). Level of customization needed, costs, support model, ease of integration with target systems etc. and put this list in order of importance and then score each of the solutions you're investigating. It's some work to do, but you'll end up at the product closest to your needs. It might be the case that it's a complete different score than a highly reputable organization offers. Also spend time at reference calls with companies using the products you want to compare. You'll get more valuable information as the white papers of vendors offer you.

Good luck with your search.

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