2017-06-19 11:53:00 UTC

ISP/Telco billing Software recommendations in 2017.

We are Currently assessing enterprise billing software for ISP/Telco. 

Key drivers include

- Configurable over customisable 

- Complex and flexible product bundling

Has anyone got suggestions?

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You should consider the following systems

Aria and
AgileBill if you are looking for billing + crm solution

Let me know if I can help further

Nicholas Mazis

2017-07-12 15:05:46 UTC
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Hi Timucin Bey,

I think the most important feature of the billing software can be that it should check the contract price, amount of the service and the billing price and send message if there is an inconsistency between them.

2017-07-12 11:49:14 UTC
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You may connect with Netsuite online and request Demo for their Billing Module. In Netsuite Billing module they have advance features like Recurring Billing , Subscription based billing and many other features.

Before commenting which ERP will be best for your company, you may try Netsuite demo and then decide how much it fits your current requirement out of box.


2017-07-12 10:24:58 UTC