Looking for company that can assist with Endevor v3.9 to v18.

Has anyone upgraded directly from 3.9 to 18?   

Do you have any recommendation on a vendor that can assist other than CA?

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Marcel and John are correct - although an upgrade from such an "mature" release to V18 is a significant leap, the transition should be relatively straightforward. The Endevor support team will be very glad to help guide you, if you would like assistance.

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I asked our Endevor guru in EMEA and here is his response: "I don't think anybody has ever done an upgrade from such an old release to release 18, but in theory, every Endevor specialist should be able to do this." It DOES require a bit of research though. He could not give me any names of partners also because we don't know your location..

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Holy smokes! That’s a heck of an upgrade! 

The short answer is any competent Endevor administrator/consultant on the market should be able to help with this. It’d definitely “do-able” and, depending on the options they have in place, will take a variable amount of time to accomplish. If they have 3.9 in good working order, then there are conversions that took place from 4.0 forward, as well as new and different optional features. A straight-forward update would take (by my estimate) no more than a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the site and how much customization they’ve done. The more customizations, the longer it’s going to take. The fewer, the faster.

As for vendors or consultants, my experience is it’s mostly word-of-mouth. I can help but I have limited bandwidth given I’m already engaged.

And don't waste your time with ISPW or Compuware.

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Check out Compuware ISPW as an alternative. It has both SCM and Deploy capabilities and APIs for integrations to products like XLRelease.

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