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I am a co-founder at a small company. I am researching ERP solutions and would like to hear feedback from people who have implemented Infor M3 ERP.

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Infor M3 is a solid ERP, I worked with it prior to the Lawson/Infor merger. Very strong in process manufacturing with a good history in Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and other verticals. S3 is used more in healthcare and government - but it's important to realize the two formerly Lawson products are very different. (M3 was formerly Movex, a Swedish company acquired by Lawson). 

In any case, M3 is really good but can scale up to Tier One sizes with similar costs. Infor has turned a corner as a company and is solidly backing M3, so I suspect sales and development will both improve in the years to come. 

But like with anything else, ERP fit is a combination of what the software can do paired with what your business needs it to do - and I have no info on your vertical or industry so I can't speak to that. Your company is listed with 11-50 companies, which is normally much smaller than the average M3 company - we were doing a lot of global multinational implementations when I was there. But if the cost works for you, including staffing to support M3, it could very well be a great option. 

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