Looking for recommendations for a service contract to de-identifiy patient data in databases.

What companies or services do you recommend that have experience with the IBM InfoSphere Optim tool, that have experienced with, or might be interested in, providing SMEs to transform data in Intersystems Cache, SQL or Oracle databases, into databases that are thoroughly de-identified of PII?   (The database sizes vary from that of a small medical center, such as 90 GB, to a large hospital around 800 GB.)  

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I have experience transforming PII data in Oracle and might be interested in an opportunity like this. Please contact me at khoyle001@hotmail.com

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We have experience providing consulting services of masking and transforming data with Oracle Data Masking tool. If you like to use Oracle Data Masking in Oracle Databases insted of IBM InfoSphere Optim, please let me know.

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Cognizant Technology Services can help you in providing TDM services who are expert in these IBM Products. You can contact Madhavan.V@Cognizant.com

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I have been very impressed with the functionality BlueCore offers.

They have a masking solution that can be used with relational and non relational data sources which is a critical requirement at Census. They also have the ability to preserve the distribution of the mask test data so that the derived results are meaningful for testing. The other solutions I looked at could mask PII data but we lost the statistical demographics that make using the data for testing questionable.

The Blue Core Solution is simple, while keeping the test data meaningful.
I recommend it highly.

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According to the email that I've received from Mr. Nick Regan, my name Ahmed Aglan and I am a Technical Manager at IME which is a UAE based company and covers all EMEA countries. We have great experience and references providing such solution for test data management but using Informatica products which equivalent to IBM Optim or even better according to Gartner reports.

Please, let me know if you are interested so we can discuss in details the solution and how could we help.

Ahmed Aglan

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In addition to IBM Lab Services, there are several IBM partners that could help you. I would contact Estuate, Xtensegrity, ABMartin or ConcordUSA.

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CA solution is a much better solution...