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When designing a BI projects in MSSQL Server 2012, it is noticeable to me that SQL Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio are non-aligned, that is, a project developed in SSMS cannot be opened in Visual Studio and vise-versa. I am aware to solve this problem when in Visual Studio, I have to use a Solution Folder.

As Microsoft BI developer how are you able to deal with this configuration glitch? Will Microsoft address this technical issue in its MSSQL Server 2014 release?

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The issue is not SQL Server, it is Visual studio. Visual studio works with solutions, that have in place projects. Everything in visual studio works this way, and that is the reason that we need a solution to work with the BI project. MSSQL on the other side does not need solutions. That is why a project can be opened directly in MSSQL.

We don’t consider this a glitch. VS is IDE tool oriented more for application development projects and it includes functionality to access another type of projects, but it is a natural form of work to integrate this on solutions. We always use a solution and we think this kind of approach gives order to the work, especially on collaboration teams.

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Hi, without knowing the full details perhaps this article will lead you in the right direction

The .dacpac file is, in any case, the main item here.

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