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Migrating to Hybris - what should we be taking into consideration?


What are the key areas to plan when migrating from an existing e-commerce platform to Hybris?

What should a Hybris project plan look like for an e-commerce site?

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Hi - there are numerous considerations....almost too many to list. But as a starting point:
(1) hybris has accelerators that speed the development process...for both B2b and B2C, and across multiple industries.
(2) Then you would need to assess the key areas of your site for migration and conversion, including but not limited to product catalog, users, trx history, integrations (inventory, pricing, tax, cc, digital assets, etc), product search (faceted) and order processing flows.
(3) Then you would need to assess the technical architecture (hosted, cloud, DB, servers, etc).
(4) Then there are monitoring, reporting and analytics. For B2C, there maybe a need for SEO integrations. There are also several complementary products that may be of interest, depending on the requirements.
Overall, I would recommend an analysis phase to compare your requirements and current platform capabilities to the hybris platform and then from there, determine the conversion and migration strategy for the areas listed above. Projects range is size and complexity and hybris can support all of the complexity, but also offers quick to market solutions that may be a fit. Good luck!!!

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Most of what I see here, I wholeheartedly agree with. We would need to know more in order to answer your questions specifically. At a very high level, my approach is to look at the N-tier first.

Presentation layer: look at whether the design elements fit into the hybris accelerators. What is the LOE for customization of the accelerator to fit the design? Yes, it's CSS and HTML, but this is an area that can become a tar baby depending upon the complexity of the design and the amount of Rich Media elements. People tend to dismiss this. Don't.

hybris: What modules are you using? what does the initial data load look like in order to enable the construction of catalogs and the elements necessary to facilitate e-commerce? What does it take to get them up and running? What are you integrating with from your pre-existing backoffice applications? Where is the data coming from? Will there be any conversions necessary? Define the optimal method. Web Services? Are you integrating 3rd party applications? Social Media? After hybris processes the order, where does it go? What ERP is being used? Payment Gateway? Do we need to tie directly to Inventory Management and Shipping? Get it all down in a detailed BRD and Project Plan. Document everything possible. You'll be glad you did.

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Building a like-for-like replacement eCommerce solution on any major vendor is generally easier than an initial implementation simply because the business logic and presentation is understood.

The challenge is in keeping the re-platform to like-for-like. The business will want new toys and features. This then blows the simplicity.

Secondly, migrating data - particularly customer passwords - is highly complex unless your existing system is massively insecure.

The project plan cannot be genericised much as every migration is different.

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That's a very broad question. What is the ecommerce platform that you are migrating from? The primary concerns or areas of focus are the UI, and the back office integrations. As well as any third-party integrations to be considered such as your payment gateway shipping methods and fulfillment.

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Can you please provide some background to enable me provide a holistic solution.

Please help me with the budgeted cost for the e-commerce solution? Any particular reason that hybris has been shortlisted?


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