Netapp vs Dell EqualLogic vs others. Which is the best value plus cost effective support?

Netapp vs Dell Equallogic vs others:

Which storage vendor provides the best SAN value for money plus cost effective support?

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Hi, I agree with the feed back above. I have recently been involved in a lengthy project to review all SAN vendors on the market (both Generic and new Hybrid/Flash) and they basically all do the same thing. Some vendors have a few niche technologies/support here and there. It all comes down to what SAN technology is critical to your business/project i.e. DR, Think clones etc. and also the budget available to you. I found that doing a matrix of the critical 'functions' for your company and ticking them off against each SAN vendor to be very helpful in the final decision making process.

I would suggest that you talk to the various SAN vendors, ask for demo's and more importantly ask for reference sites. I found the reference sites to be very useful as they tell you want the SAN vendor sales people don't.

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Hi, as Trevor says all are excellent products, but you have to know which one is that fits your project. Because maybe you don´t need the top brand product (size, IOPS) also you have to be aware for the cost for future growth, you can ask your service provider or professional services to help you consider future growth so you can have a complete picture.

We have been working with HP 3PAR, VNX and Netapp and all of this storages have a very good support, options and demos.

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Dell Equallogic very cost effective, block storage, iSCSI attached only very good support and demos available
Nettapp block and file lots of sw options like Equallogic but multi protocol attach demos available
HP 3PAR most efficient block multi protocol attach demos available
IBMStorwize Range can include block and file external virtualisation
EMC VNXe block and file demos available
All are excellent products all with excellent support the question to be addressed is actually what the storage is required for? What is the user skilll set? Happy to discuss further by telephone, or email.

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