PRTG vs. SolarWinds: Which is a better Network Monitoring Tool?

I'm looking for a comparison of PRTG versus SolarWinds. Can you share your feedback about these two solutions?

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I used both products. Without even thinking twice I will go with PRTG. Solarwinds will take you weeks to finish configuration and tweaking to your environment. I didn't like the user interface, too much data, difficult to navigate. It is way more expensive than PRTG. And they will charge you for every add on extra. I love PRTG. The installation is fast simple and clean. User interface easy to navigate. You can build your customized dashboards. They have 100s ready to go sensors and you can add your own. You can monitor almost whatever you want servers, networking, devices, circuits, ports on the switches, firewalls...They will charge you just for number of sensors you are using. Solarwinds is a monster, PRTG is much simple and doing better job than solarwinds.

Definitely PRTG

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PTRG would give you almost the same functionality as solarwinds at less cost. the key is to understand the protocols that run monitoring which would include SNMP, and netflows which actually show you human readable data in terms of monitoring your network bandwidth. in my opinion if you wnat cost savings go with PTRG if you can afford it then go with solarwinds.

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My Pittsburgh experience shows that Zabbix is worth checking out:
add Grafana for custom charting and dashboards:

I would strongly recommend that you perform a Proof of Concept with at least two candidates. Look at how they will be able to scale both in number of input sources as well as handling for instance different data centers for storage... Also how is per node licensing or costs handled.

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We're really happy with PRTG. It's a graphically-rich environment that really has helped us to diagnose difficult issues and solve them. And hey, Germans make good stuff...

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I used both and found SolarWinds to be the more intuitive, more full-featured, preferred product.

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I strongly recommend to use SevOne. The SevOne toolset is the fastest and most scalable on the market through our distributed architecture approach. Where similar tools can take hours to report once used at scale SevOne can monitor and report in seconds on all digital infrastructure including network, compute, storage, cloud, virtual, SDN etc.

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I used both in large network environments; Solarwinds outlook interface is quite simple than PRTG but if you want to monitor real time traffic using SNMP, PRTG is the best choice but Solarwind counts on an average basis from interface. Even PRTG better to monitor hardware ram, harddisk, processors utilization , SQL traffic status , AD information is good than Solarwind. Two separate PRTG server at remote place support clustering in WAN environments with same costing but Solarwind has limitations. I used to generate customs SLA with respect to defined time frame ; PRTG is good choice for best report generation than Solarwind. PRTG license cost is flexible against interfaces but Solarwind counts per device , users, interface basis.
Now weak points of PRTG : 1) Log kills huge spaces as it counts per second basis. It doesn't have auto removal option based on duration. I made a scripts to remove logs earlier than 365 days. 2) Solarwind quickly detects interface up status than PRTG. Another fantastic NMS software is "whatsUpGold' which is better than Solarwind and cost is device based (not interface ) and cheaper than Solarwind. With respect to log/event management /SIEM /SOC Solarwind is good for SME type environments.

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Would prefer Solarwinds for the following reasons -
Tight integration with major vendors - Cisco, Arista, Juniper and more
New NetPath feature enables faster troubleshooting
Scales well to support larger setups
Modular platform to include Servers, Applications, NetFlow, IPAM, DB's, Storage devices & more

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