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We are looking at getting a ADC/WAF/LB combination and are considering Pulse, Netscaler and F5. 

The Pulse reps are touting a fully virtual solution that uses a central bandwidth pool that can be deployed as any type of service that we want. Basically they are saying that if we get 2GB of traffic capacity, we can spin up as many ADC/WAF/TM/LB, either internal or external, and only pay for the capacity with no additional cost for the vAppliances.

Has anyone else looked at this solution? This came from Brocade, but originally I think it was called Zeus Technology.

This looks like a pretty cost effective solution, as we won't need to buy an appliance each time we want a new App deployed, and can dedicate an ADC per APP.

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Zeus was a great company - Its a shame Riverbed screwed up the acquisition and destroyed it.
The product has been in a state of limbo for several years, I wouldn't trust Pulse to make anything out of it.
Go with F5 or Citrix if you have the money. If money is an issue then go with Kemp or Loadbalancer.org which are #1 and #2 at the value end of the market.
Radware is pretty cool as well - but not cheap.

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If you are thinking about a combined solution for your ADC/WAF/LB and other security features you should check out Radware’s portfolio.
Radware a market leader in the ADC and DDOS protection industries and a Gartner leader in all of our product lines.

Our ADC solution has the most comprehensive capabilities and features limited only to Radware.
We were the first vendor to introduce a “ pay –as – you – grow” license and same goes with VA a separated virtual appliance on top of the Alteon platform.
In addition we also have the dynamic license model which unlike the competition works for both our physical platforms and the virtual once together.

We are the only vendor that allows single license for all form factors, A single GEL license can be used across all form factors: HW (vADCs) and VAs.
GEL’s license server can be deployed locally for enhanced security. Our HW platforms can be sold in a subscription model, while the completion will have to sell the platforms CAPEX model.
One of the key features for us is with GEL , when a platform is decommissioned, all of it’s capacity can be transitioned and used in VAs or in the cloud, with the competition you will loose its capacity forever.

With our offering you can also go for a throughput license that will be distributed between all of your Alteon physical appliance and virtual once no matter where they are.
Our “Secure” licensing model will allow you to spin up virtual instances to each one of your applications and enable security features on them like SSL inspection, WAF, Ip-reputation, URL-filtering and many more.

Let me know if I can assist further,

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You should consider A10 Networks' FlexPool.

FlexPool provides a centralized bandwidth pool for virtual ADC and Converged Firewall (ADC with added security features) platforms. Users can allocate the total capacity into instances of essentially any size. These instances can simultaneously reside on-premise, public, private or hybrid clouds. Only one license to manage.

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My thought would be Barracuda Cloud WAF. This will work in 15 min. With lb and default templates. Go to demo.Barracuda.com
Select WAF for hardware or select cloud. Additional info ask if needed

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As far as I know, Netscaler has special hardware solution SDX where you can run virtual appliance (VPX) so much as you need and license determines the total system performance. It's not a problem for scaling virtual appliance by each application. You can ask Citrix managers for details. I hope it will be helpful.

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