ServiceNow vs. ManageEngine

What are the main differences between ServiceNow and ManageEngine?

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I have used both Service Now and Manage Engine. From a 30,000 ft perspective:
1. Service Now is a much more enterprise solution than Manage Engine and it comes with a larger price tag as well.
2. Service Now is a cloud solution vs Manage Engine is local
3. Service Now support is great with a very informative wiki vs Manage Engine support is horrible but does also good documentation and even better forums.
4. Service Now is very dynamic and customizable vs Manage Engine has limited customization.
5. Manage Engine can be implemented by your IT team vs Service Now will require 3rd party implementation team.
6. Manage Engine has a little learning curve vs Service Now has a significant learning curve.

Both really provide the same services (modules). Depending on your needs Manage Engine can get the job done for much less. I find that you may need to change your process to fit the limitation to Manage Engine. Please see my review for Manage Engine. https://www.itcentralstation.com/product_reviews/manageengine-servicedesk-plus-review-37243-by-aaron-krytus

If you are looking for a more specific details of either application please feel free to ask and I will address that specific question.

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Well I haven't use Manage engine but I have been using Service Now for last 3 years.I would recommend Service Now since it can easily be integrated with monitoring tools like Nagios,BPPM,vROPS and other tools.It is easy to schedule different types of reports,CMDB can easily be updated,large number of options for Incident,problem,change form.Moroever Service Now Helsinki user interface is better than Service Now Fiji.I would suggest to all the users to enable all the features from Service Catalogue and you would see wonder.

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I would suggest reviewing the Gartner report. Cherwell, BMC and ServiceNow offer them for free from their websites.

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I wish I could help here but Everbridge is not a service management solution. We integrate with solutions like ServiceNow and ManageEngine but Everbridge IT Alerting is used to automate the incident management workflow (your runbook) in order to drastically reduce time to resolution. It's a closed-loop integration allowing you to work from within the single pane of your ITSM UI while allowing the outreach to the resolvers, on-call schedules and stakeholders or end-users to be powered by Everbridge behind the scenes.

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