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Should we choose NNT Change Tracker Enterprise or a competing vendor?


We're currently researching Change Management solutions - currently we're discussing NNT Change Tracker Enterprise (latest version: 7).

  • What aspects should we be taking into consideration?
  • Which other vendors should we consider?


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44 Answers

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I like HP's network automation. www.hp.com/go/nmc

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NNT's Change Tracker solution is designed with security monitoring in mind. Their change management module is tightly integrated with their FIM, and is designed to weed out white noise and false positives by informing the FIM of approved changes before those changes are made. It is not designed to provide a full blown change management system, complete with workflows and approval processes.

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I would suggest that you also check out my company, www.scriptrock.com as we are frequently compared with NNT and Tripwire (another one you may want to use for comparison).

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Are you looking for Change Management in more of an operations context or are you more focused on monitoring changes from a security standpoint?? In our experience, there are many Change Management tools, certain ones are more focused on the security side and others are more useful for Ops. related functions. Which would be more relevant to you?? (then I can make an informed recommendation) .....

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