Sonic ESB was a leader in ESB market in the past. Now Aurea Sonic ESB is shown as 13th position. Can it pick-up market in future?

Sonic ESB was a leader in ESB market in the past. Now Aurea Sonic ESB is shown as 13th position. Can it pick-up market in future?

Our company Ikas Technologies is doing ESB support services for many years now. Would like to know what ESBs will lead the market in the coming years.

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That is a very loaded question which simply cannot just be answered without some company insights.
I have no personal experience with Sonic ESB so my guess is as good as any regarding the growth in market share. This will all depend on what changes are planned for the product.
Growing market tends to lean toward the Open Source solutions with the proprietary solutions like Sonic ESB having very strong competition from ORACLE and IBM.

The leading ESBs of the future is also a question not to be answered on the fly. With no real experience in all systems I can only go with the market research I’ve done while researching possible replacement solution as well. As we know,
most of the information out there is marketing material disguised as facts so I can only go with what I saw for some of these.

With pure economics and younger market I would say look at the open source solutions since these could enable you to provide same solutions at less cost and possibly faster delivery.
The most important though, is look at your current client base and what they need. No use going open source and their SLA and RISK departments will not allow this kind of software.
If this is not a factor a full architecture solution with e.g. Mule ESB or Talend ESB could be the way to go, your integration support team would probably easily adapt to new software; but what is the real immediate business need?
So look at MuleSoft, JBoss FUSE,Talend and WSO2 and webmethods and compare to existing client needs.
Once more, rather look at existing client base and what their business needs are. The open source software could be seen as possible quick gains for new smaller client solutions .
To choose one ESB without any real business requirements is like buying a car with your eyes closed. You might end up buying a small two seater sport car but end up needing the seven seater SUV.

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Thanks for your valuable answers, Surendranath C, Juan M. Campos, Clóvis Wichoski, Satheeshkumar P...
informative and useful.
It is getting in to a very interesting community discussion on ESB itself.
Looking forward to more inputs, insights from other members also.
Malick, Ikas Tech, Chennai.

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ESB's have transformed from being point solutions into truly multi-purpose applications. ESB from traditional sources of integration technologies - Tibco and from the IBM Websphere family - will rule the roost in large enterprises.
Mule is a close follower from the JBoss stable.
I would also place bets on Apache Camel, as an open source alternative.
Apache Spark is a very different class of solution, but I feel it will increase start getting applied in situations which were earlier left to ESB products.

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Aurea is implementing a strong strategy by re branding Sonic to CX Messenger and complementing the ESB with advanced monitoring (CX Monitor former Actional), semantic integration and API management. Additionally, last version is able to be deployed on Dockers including infrastructure and service components. Additionally, changing from licensing to subscription approach reduces considerably the total cost of property. From my point of view, CX Messenger (former Sonic) is back in the scene providing support for microservices, APIs and dockers while keeping the power of its original architecture at a very competitive pricing.

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The open source software give much attraction these days, as explained, in this scenario I like to consider the ones that have an Apache 2.0 license and dont have separated flavors of sources like community and enterprise version, just have all the sources and if you is confortable and wish go to production with some sort of support from the product owner company, then you can sign for a support subscription and have all SLA required and patches, today I have experience with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, that have all of the requiriments of an ESB profile, and with this type of license. I dont know about Sonic ESB but if they have these concepts then you can trust that in a near future Sonic ESB its side by side with best ESBs on the market.

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Esb is going to be obsolete in near future because of companies moving to cloud.

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Recent days Mulesoft ESB, JBoss fuse were picking it up due to open source and considerable connectors etc . Licence copy of software AG ESb , tibco licence cost is high and consideration support facility were available . Depends upon budget and volume of payment transaction etc are considered for choosing the ESB.

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