2017-01-17 22:11:00 UTC

Tableau 10: Best New/Improved Features

Hi All,

I'm curious to know, for those that have upgraded from a 9.x version of Tableau to Tableau 10, what would you say are the most noteworthy/valuable improvements and features?  

We've yet to upgrade as an organization and I've just begun to experiment with Desktop V10, so I'm curious to know what the IT Central Station community thinks!

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Yes, thanks Larry, we are one such organization and always a few releases behind. I am personally very curious about the the Join/Blend capabilities as those functions have historically been pretty limited. It becomes a "Yes you can blend, but you can't do X (create Actions for example) and/or are limited to Y" While I'm sure pushing data prep back in the process (outside of Tableau) is still preferable, in the interest of rapid development and deployment, it's not always feasible. Great info, thanks again.

2017-01-27 17:23:42 UTC27 January 17
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Further to Jhornber's response - I have written and trained desktop users on versions 7.0 to and including 10.0. Companies with large implementations of Tableau do not jump at the first major release of anything. I could cite several corporations that have more than 500 desktop users and these folks will pull the trigger when they're ready. Tableau is now on the CIO's radar for decisions to upgrade hence it is months before some move up to 10 or 10.xxx. However, I have worked with 10.0 users where there was a mix of new and experienced users. Not in priority they responded very positively to: Clustering, cross DB joins, device layout for dashboards, all new content related to geo-coding and formatting options which are important given the new UI which is too light. No comments on server yet.

2017-01-25 13:04:21 UTC25 January 17

Yes, I've seen the release notes. I'm more interested in hearing what users have actually found most valuable rather than just what Tableau is touting as their most notable improvements/enhancements. I think that is largely the value of IT Central Station. We've all seen flashy presentations and marketing material for software that turns out to be drastically over-hyped or a lot of smoke and mirrors.

@LarryKeller: Thanks for saving me from responding on that one ;)

2017-01-25 03:18:31 UTC25 January 17
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Mr. Paredes: The use of the words methodology and discipline speak volumes if you truly understood the origins of Tableau Software. The whole premise was and is a tool for the under served business user. Further, the words business intelligence are a bit long in the tooth these days as we move to visual intelligence. About methodology, I spell check 99% of what I send via any medium. You might consider that when sharing your comments about tableu and other words in your post.

2017-01-24 16:41:55 UTC24 January 17

I dont use Tableu, i explore open source options, if you have a dicipline and correct metodology, you can present a business intelligence equal to or better than that offered by tableu

2017-01-24 16:26:16 UTC24 January 17

Tableau issues quarterly updates and always posts an update when a specific version is released. Here is the What's New for the latest version, 10.1.: https://www.tableau.com/new-features/10.1

The next version coming is 10.2 with very significant new features as well. Stay tuned.

2017-01-24 13:35:02 UTC24 January 17
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