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VeloCloud or Viptela, which would you choose?

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is VeloCloud vs Viptela.

In your opinion, which is better and why?



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VeloCloud or Viptela: these two are considered to be the top two contenders in this dominant new technical WAN solution. in 2017 Cisco purchased Viptela, and VMware purchased VeloCloud. This industry is consolidating quickly. How are they different: Viptela is now Cisco SD-WAN and is a pure play SD-WAN solution, VeloCloud is now VMware NSX SD-WAN, also a pure play SD-WAN solution, and is considered by many to be the number one SD-WAN solution in the world today both in sales and in technical features.

Viptela is being integrated into Cisco solutions this year, and will be included into Cisco edge router platforms over time. Eventually Cisco Security will be added to Viptela to some point.
VeloCloud is now part of NSX and provides a very strong Cloud Gateway centric approach to SD-WAN, which is not only forward thinking but considered to be a unique advantage for VeloCloud.

Summary: SD-WAN is now shifting to be an Application to End User software defined technical race, extending software defined benefits from the application all of the way to the users machine.

VMware has a head start and technical lead, and provides a continuous solution that extends into Multiple Cloud, Data Centers and SDN based application hosting solutions.
Cisco is a step or two behind VMware, will need to extend ACI to include Multiple Cloud solutions eventually in order to compete with VMware NSX SD-WAN. This work is yet to be completed.

End to End software defined benefits is where VMware is demonstrating their advantage and lead today. Cisco is working hard to catch up to this model.

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Have you considered Citrix SD-WAN? This solution has a number of unique benefits that others don’t have.

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