What advice do you have for others considering DX Infrastructure Manager?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering DX Infrastructure Manager, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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I would recommend this solution to others. We currently have engagement with two banks for this solution. We are trying to pitch this solution to them. I would rate DX Infrastructure Manager a nine out of ten. I have not really compared it with other solutions to see what are the differences. Based on my usage, it is serving, and it is okay. Customers are not complaining.

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Cloud vendors have expanded their services and features and functions within their own platforms. Having to rely on a third-party to keep pace with that development cycle has proven rather disappointing. That's why we're looking for a tool that has the capability to enable us to extend the tool on our own, if we choose to. I don't think I would recommend this product. My issues stem from the turnover between companies that we've experienced in the last 10 years. The continued development of the tool has not been great. I think they've become lost in their tracks. I would rate this solution a six out of 10.

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CA is a very nice solution. Before you make a final decision though, make sure all the stakeholders understand the solution and how it works. If they don't understand how it works they might not be able to appreciate it. It's a powerful solution, but give them some visibility into it, its capabilities and what they can do with it, before implementing it. I would rate the solution at eight out of ten. It's not a ten because of the reporting aspect. Apart from that, the solution is okay. It's the reporting that users complain about.

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