What advice do you have for others considering NetSuite OneWorld?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering NetSuite OneWorld, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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NetSuite by definition is a subscriber, full subscriber cloud product. You can't host it. It's not offered to be hosted on-premise. I would say most of the users really, really like it. They felt it was a major improvement over what we had previously and the visibility that it provides you with really helps you understand exactly what's being processed in the workflows, which is critical. I would advise other organizations to make sure it's a good match for your processes. For companies that already have a process that they need to stick with, they need to carefully review the way that the workflows in NetSuite work as they may have to change the way they work versus changing the system to work the way they want to. That's not going to be to everybody, however, a good first step is to really analyze and make sure that it works for you or you can adapt the system. For us, it was a very good match and we were able to make certain customizations that were not crazy, which really helped us a lot. And we wanted some of the discipline that came with a bit of the rigidity that NetSuite can be known for. If you're not going to use all those features, there are different ways that you can buy NetSuite. You can buy its core and you can bolt other products onto it. It's possible to integrate certain other applications that are specific to, let's say, an Expensify for travel and expense or DocuSign for digitally signing documents, those are all easy integrations. Those kinds of things make the product very attractive as they're not trying to lock out anything; they're actually facilitating it, which is great. We've been extremely happy with the solution. I would rate it at a nine out of ten.

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As a small and mid-size enterprises tool, usually in Mexico and Latin America Netsuite customers migrate from very small systems, and suddenly their operations become more complex, if data migration and training issues are not well taken, implementation experience can turn into a very complex and time consuming problems; validate well your Netsuite Partner references of past projects, also check credentials of performing implementation personnel that will assist you.

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