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What advice do you have for others considering Oracle BI Applications?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering Oracle BI Applications, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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I would suggest using Power BI if you have a small to medium size company and you do not do a lot of sharing reports. Otherwise, I would suggest Oracle BI.

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You need to know what your objective is, whether it's for reporting tools or databases. There are big differences in database structures between Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. Once you know which platform you want to be able to use as far as the database is concerned, the reporting tool is just a matter of what flavor you enjoy the most, in terms of ease of use and learning curve. Any of the above products work on any other platform, except maybe Microsoft SSRS. I'm not sure how well that works with NoSQL databases, but I know it works with the three that I'm looking at it. It's just a matter of the flavor of the tool that you're looking at with your databases and the end-user preferences in how they're going to be able to work with it. Because we already use BI here, it’s a tool that our users are comfortable with and they already know how to use. So switching to another product may be a little more difficult if it doesn't have the same functionality and feel that our users currently have with the Oracle BI. From my users' standpoint, they would probably rate Oracle BI at around an eight out of 10, because they like the way that it functions. We did have some instances of using Crystal Reports here, at times. We call Crystal Reports more of a presentation-type reporting tool. It looks good when you have to print it and show it but when you have to export it, it doesn't come out the greatest. You have to have things aligned correctly for that data to be exported correctly. Oracle BI is more along the lines of what we do here because we're a government agency. It’s more of an engineering tool where users can export the data more easily into a drill-down format like Excel and they can manipulate the data again if they need to. The performance of Oracle BI is fine. The application is fine. We have no problems with it.

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You need to pay SO MUCH attention to functional configurations. It makes all the difference in the results from BI APPS dashboards.

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