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What advice do you have for others considering PagerDuty?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering PagerDuty, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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For whatever solution you have for alerting, and it being such a critical role in incident management, you need to be able to rely on it. PagerDuty allows us to do that. Ensure you sit down and identify what you want in any alerting platform, whether it's PagerDuty or OpsGenie. Sit down and define what you want, particularly around your scheduling, what alerts you want to be able to ingest or handle, who you want to be able to process or send those alerts to, and any other possible bits and pieces in there that you may need before you sit down and look at an alerting platform of any description. Because sometimes, depending on what it is, there may be another way of doing it when you actually go and talk to the salespeople or pre-sales engineers. They'll go, "Oh, well, you can do this, this, or this." This will avoid bright light problems where, "Oh, that's a nice, shiny light. Yeah, we need that." You actually have in front of you what you need, not necessarily what they're trying to sell you. We have looked at the solution’s analytics, but haven't gone much into them. At the time that we were looking at it, we didn't see any real benefit to it since we are only a small team. If you would look at a larger organization, you would get more benefit out of it. However, because we're such a small team, everybody knows how many alerts are coming through. It's not as though we need to do a full-on detailed, analytical review of things. I would rate this solution a nine out of 10. It is a reliable solution that works.

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From the get-go, approach it in a way where you can get the most out of it. Really engage with PagerDuty from the beginning to support you on that journey. Otherwise, you will only be able to use the core functionalities that you can also get from the competition. Focus on the full platform and make the decisions that will simplify that. Don't do quick wins at the beginning that will not help you to take full advantage of the platform. PagerDuty worked with us to find the right solution that fit our needs and budget, but they didn't do so as much as I would expect or as much as I would have liked. At some point we asked, "How can you help? How can we get the most out of PagerDuty?" We had some ideas and we engaged with their Professional Services, but the cost of that was quite high. It ended up that we never did what we wanted to do with PagerDuty. It got stuck at some point. They did help but we would need to pay even more to get the help that we need. It's really key to manage your operations life cycle. You cannot go without having something in place. And it's important to have something that will support you. Whether it's PagerDuty or something else, that is really key. If I don't look at the cost of it, I would rate PagerDuty between eight and nine out of 10. If I include the cost, it would be a seven.

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I don't use the solution's analytics very much. I only use it at the end of the year if management wants to see its usage and the capacity of my team. We have about 60 to 80 users of the solution. Most of them are support engineers, developers, and some managers.

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I would advise others to make sure it's a good fit for their organization and that you have your internal organization sketched out before you install the product. I rate this a solid nine out of ten. In the next version I would like to see multilingual support.

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Evaluate your requirements first. Determine the number of users. What is your user base? Are you going to grow more? That's what I would decide. When I select working with vendors, I look for a more reliable solution. I want something that meets my requirements. I don't worry about the UI and stuff like that, as long as it's reliable; as long as it meets the SLAs.

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