What advice do you have for others considering SQL Server?

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering SQL Server, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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1. What is the main purpose of using SQL Server?

2. What is your projected data size and connection? The size shall not be more than few millions row with connection around 1 - 100 connection per seconds.

3. If you wish to perform analytics, than SQL server may not be the best solutions.

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I would recommend this solution. It's a good product. I am satisfied with it. It's familiar, we've been using SQL for a while. I would rate it a nine out of ten. There's always room for improvement.

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I would definitely recommend SQL Server. It's not cheaper any more, like it used to be, but if you can afford it, then it's the best. When I select a vendor, from a tool perspective, I make sure that they have full support available, have been in the market for awhile, and the solution/application is stable. From an open source perspective, like MySQL, Aurora, and MongoDB, they have done a great job in making a robust database container.

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Go for it. Thumbs up.

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subpartition is necessary

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It is definitely important for someone looking at a new vendor to consider the support of the solution. In addition, the customer should really do their research and understand what their needs are, and make sure the new solution will solve those needs.

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MS SQL is constantly improving their products. New options, such as managing with PowerShell, are good improvements.

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