What advice do you have for others considering Vertica?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering Vertica, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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This solution is used by several big companies such as Bank of America, Uber, and Facebook. Where you need a BI with intelligence. We use the solution because it is very good, you can make interconnections with anything to collect the data, any type of data. I have tried other products and they did not fit as well as this one did, I recommend Vertica. I rate Vertica a nine out of ten.

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My advice to someone considering Vertica is to go for it. Nothing is missing. I would rate it a ten out of ten. The only issues are support and the price.

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The customers love them. They absolutely love them. Before implementing this solution, make sure that it is on the list and that you evaluate it. I would rate Vertica a ten out of ten.

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Advice that I would give others who are considering this solution is what I always say for all products: you should heavily test your use cases and data with the product. There are different versions of software and there are always new software solutions. You always should do an exhaustive performance testing from the point of view of any database product. Better to let the product speak for itself. Test several vendor's products if possible. To be honest, it is hard to see too many issues with Vertica as a solution. I find a few weaknesses in it, but I think that is the same with all databases. I think when you are doing very large fact table to very large fact table joins pretty much every database will experience problems. Joining two tables that are many multi-million rows is just a large volume to process. Honestly, I think if you get a proof-of-concept up, you do your typical load and then keep multiplying concurrency and data volume — see how it works for concurrency, speed. Vertica so far has proven to be relatively hassle-free. But, like all databases, you do have to keep an eye on how people use it, particularly when it comes to reporting. On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate Vertica as a nine.

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It is a complete solution and a also good solution for EC2 instances. I have not tried to integrate it with other products.

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Do a good volumetric analysis to manage the storage needed.

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