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What advice do you have for others considering WordPress?


If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering WordPress, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

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I'm one of these people that has not found a routine to use it, but I use it because I like to follow certain people. I learn by reading WordPress blogs. I appreciate the space and that we'd like to link to other people to use it, but I don't know how to do that. I feel it would be a good place for some people. I work in the world of knowledge management and knowledge interaction. There are people who use WordPress that really create what they have to say and what they have to show, very well, and people like myself and others can go in. That creation of knowledge enables us to think about certain things or have discussions with other people. Certainly, I'm not the only person that reads what is put up in WordPress. Therefore, if you end up with a group of people and eight of us read that blog, we have a common language, even if the person is in America or somewhere else. We can be involved in the seminar in Scotland, but because we all read that WordPress blog, we will have a common language and certain common concepts or ways of looking at something. That is knowledge into action and that is knowledge in the world taking things forward. I've seen a seminar here of a guy who has a WordPress blog and he held a big international seminar with people from all over the world, hosted at one of our universities. He was also well-known for his books and there was a bookstall with his books and other books. This is a big four-day international event, and the person hosting it at the university wanted me to attend the three keynote speeches that opened every morning, and this guy did one of them. Since then, I've followed his blog. So, people are doing things like that. My interest in that blog is how do you support very large organizations to change? Because, they're running huge systems, including hospitals. This is a very important thing and very important because of COVID-19. How does a children's hospital change how they run things when they're also having to look after ill children all the time? And that guy is about that. I follow all of his work in WordPress, as well as occasionally read his books, but it's much better to see his books as he's writing them. So, basically, he is sharing the eight chunks in a chapter on WordPress and sharing the illustrations. He's also a very good illustrator. So sometimes you say, "Oh gosh, that's just great. I could use that as a slide when I'm talking about people doing things". He's a generous person because people, through WordPress, one can say one likes something, or one can go in and say, that completely makes sense to me, except that one bit. As a consumer of WordPress, I would say it's been a good platform over the last five years for me. As a person who would like to use WordPress, but who hasn't been given enough time, I've not managed, so I'd rate it low. Without enough time on WordPress, it has not been a simple thing. I would like to use it as a creative space, where I was contributing. As a person who has spent five years engaging in someone else's creativity and thoughts, I could rate WordPress and ten out of ten. This is because I've found some really good sites, and WordPress has facilitated that. However, when it is me wanting to be creative in WordPress, I have to rate it very low. I do know that people can do well with it, and I have appreciated the people who use it. Some people use it with advertisements, so some people can use it for free. I like that they set up the possibility for people to do things. I would rate this solution a one out of ten.

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Since it was released, I have been using the classic editor and it works and provides all of the necessary elements. However, I would recommend taking a look at Elementor and seeing how they are implementing the use of blocks in their page builder.

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This is the best solution for building a quick website.

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If you are not technically skilled, get someone to set it up for you to make it easy to create and update the pages yourself going forward.

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