What are some business benefits associated with enterprise architecture?

How does enterprise architecture add value to businesses? Do you have some examples to support this?

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Enterprise Architecture only adds value to the business when it is applied to the actual problems the business faces. All too often people seek to use other people's benefits when trying to justify it in their own organization.

It is easy to roll off benefits such as reduced IT costs, effective impact analysis, better connecting business problems with IT solutions, providing better governance and management of IT projects, etc. However, if these are not seen as issues in your business then the benefits will not be understood.

So instead, consider what problems your business leaders face, what challenges the IT folks have, and ask yourself how could EA deliver better results and in a timely fashion. The size and scope of these issues will provide insight into the monetary or resource costs of the problems, and thus enable EA initiatives to be sized in a way that ensures cost-benefit makes sense.

Using an EA tool and initiative that costs hundreds of thousands to solve problems that are only perceived as being worth tens of thousands is never likely to mke sense.

Lastly, if you focus your efforts on providing answers and actionable insights rather than creating or managing an enterprise architecture you are more likely to succeed.

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The foundation of an EA approach, is to establish the link between the main perspectives of an organization, from the strategic objectives, the capabilities necessary to reach those objectives, the projects that aim to implement and / or increase the maturity of the capabilities and the architectural components that the projects aim to transform, such as the business processes and the systems that support them, the skills of the people who will operate these processes, etc.
This connection between the main artifacts allows a common language, which can be understood by all interested parties, facilitating the combination of efforts in order to achieve the corporate objectives, which translates into greater efficiency in the transformation and operation process, and a clear decision-making process on strategic investments.
In this way, it is possible to know with clarity which projects are important, how much they contribute to achieve the corporate objectives and what the return point of this investment is, and the real added value for the business.

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There are tons of great benefits when you deploy EA. Some of the most important are helping IT and the business to determine how people, processes, data, technologies, and applications interact to ensure alignment in enterprise objectives. It’s used in digital transformation, cloud migration, customer journey mapping, regulatory compliance, so many areas of impact in the business. Check out some of the customer reviews on Erwin Evolve to see the measurable impact a good EA program can have.

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