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What are the benefits of using containers for cloud migration?


How does container monitoring facilitate cloud migration?

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Usage of containers for cloud migration goes beyond monitoring. In fact, here's a few advantages:
- Easy integration with cloud providers. Cloud providers offer container management systems either based on Kubernetes or not. To name a few: ECS or EKS for AWS and GKE for Google's GCP.
- Automatic deployment and update: Deployments scenarios can be easily chosen (blue/green ,rolling update...) and fully managed by the cloud provider
- application versioning can be managed using the cloud provider's registry
- Predictability and automation: Application in the containers is the same. Public cloud or not. So, you know what to expect when you run your container even in a serverless platform. This allows to build bricks on top of this logic for CI/CD flows.
- Monitoring: Sticking to standard deployments using containers means that the cloud provider knows what to expect from your application and how to test its availability. In fact, Monitoring health checks can be used out-of-the-box to validate the state of the container and automatically restart it, for example. Per container statistics mean you would know a specific container/service CPU/Memory usage as well as application (ELB/ALB/NLB) application usage. Log monitoring is also more easily integrated while without containers, you'd need to setup log forwarding

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if you require fast performance < 3 sec and ca not have delays. You can benefit from container monitoring. Because most of the customers running containers in a cloud environment it is even more important. You need to know where a slow down exist. Is it at the cloud provider or is it your environment. Or is it the network. Container monitoring will prevent finger pointing between all the different parties.

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I can point you to a few articles,
You need to know the status of your containers to have a baseline before a migration

Caring for Container-Based Services with Checks, Monitoring, and Alerts https://blog.newrelic.com/engineering/container-service-checks/


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