What are the differences in features and capabilities between ABBYY FlexiCapture with OCR and UiPath AI?


I am researching ABBYY FlexiCapture and UiPath. Can anyone give insight into how these two solutions differ in terms of their features and capabilities?

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Hello dear Nesrin Benhayoun, hope you are doing fine. There are some big differences between them. I will name 2 of them which for me are the most important:

1- FlexiCapture is an independent Platform. This means that you will be able to automate any department demand for documents context (now so called content), no matter this department "is, or is not" provided  with UiPath bot (or any other RPA Vendor). You have to think about FlexiCapture spread all over the organization, helping with any document demand.

2- FlexiCapture has has more than 30 years experience, and developed extremely powerful intelligence layers, which since the beginning have been guided by AI and ML, and this will bring the organizations all over the world the ability to contextualize all the read fields, paragraphs, tables, images (personal pictures for instance) inside a document or inside a set of documents.

Uipath is at the beginniing of its journey and also has ABBYY FlexiCapture as one of their strategy for IDP offers.

If you want a real independent and faster IDP solution (no matter the RPA vendor) go for FlexiCapture and let the bots join when they arrive. You don't need for the bots, to start working with this powerful tool that will really scale your automation...anywhere.

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I think Omar Madaeen has given the response very crisp and clear! When you use it with a a product along with its built in RPA and AI capabilities like UiPath it will become easy to move the process and address the complete value chain of process. 

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Dear Nesrin,

UIPath is using ABBYY FlexiCapture in their projects as an integration to the OCR capabilities, and UIPath AI is something different UiPath artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to scientifically discover automation opportunities and enhance your robots with AI Skills. Simply drag and drop these AI Skills into your workflows—and start automating more it has nothing to deal with OCR.

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Abbyy Flexi Capture is an OCR solution. UiPath is an RPA platform solution.

Abbyy Flexicapture mainly excels where Optical Character Recognition input is required (eg. Reading a physical bill and digitizing/extracting information from it) and it cannot interact with other computer applications.

UiPath on the other hand can automate the overall processes themselves using excel, word or any other application that runs on a computer just like how a human does but faster and better.

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