What are the functional differences between Camunda BPM and IBM BPM?

I am interested in replacing IBM BPM with Camunda BPM, but I cannot find the functional differences between the tools. Can anyone help?

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Hi Leandro,

those two BPM's shouldn't be compared on the functional level. They are different type of solutions. 

Camunda offers the workflow engine and decission engine, where you can create process models according to BPMN and DMM standards. This gives you the flexibility and agility in the process management. It also gives you the tools to monitor, manage and optimize those processes.

Camunda provides very limited functionalities, if it comes to end user interfaces. Usually they are built as custom applications or existing application are used. With Camunda projects you always focus on automation, that requires system integration and custom development and usually concerns core business processes.

Camunda is an openAPI solution, which makes the integration fast and easy. It is a common situation in financial industry, that you have many systems, that need to be integrated in one process, that is why Camunda is so popular in this sector.

Before you decide on the switch, you have to consider the processes you want to use it for. If this is for standard processes like holiday requests, invoice approvals etc. Camunda is not the best option. But if you want to automate sales or after sales processes, client/partner onboarding, claims management, debt collection you should definitely consider Camunda.

I found once in Camunda documents an interesting comparison between Camunda and BPM suites:

"On a blank canvas, an artist can paint a picture in exactly the way he imagines. Alternatively, there is the principle of “painting by numbers”, where even the artistic layman can create stunning images by coloring in predetermined areas. However, they can only create what was already pre-designed."

And finally, Camunda is available as open source solution and there is no vendor lock.

I hope it helped ;-) There is always an option to have a talk...



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