What are the key advantages of OBIEE compared to Microsoft BI?


Can you please give me some key points on the advantages of OBIEE compared to MS BI tools?

Thank you! --Joyce

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I used both products rather briefly. In my experience, OBIEE is better product than MSBI. While both products have limitations in ETL, reporting performance is better in OBIEE. Further, Oracle has proven credentials in handling large volumes of data, whereas MS SQL Server Suite struggles in processing large volume (and complex) of data. Oracle offers many features at database level and reporting level to enhance performance as well as usability experience. MSBI lags providing similar degree of capability to both the developer or the user.

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I would concur with Reviewer78465 above, and suggest you strongly consider Information Builders - a vastly superior platform and much easier to work with as a company.

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Thank you all.

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Md. Shams SultanReal UserTOP 20

OBIEE is very powerful when it comes to huge data volumes

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György KissReal User

I think OBIEE isvery powerful when it comes to huge data volumes. You can set up a so called aggregate content, which means that if you have a for example a materialized view, you can configure OBIEE to use your fact table for low level data, and your MV for aggregated data. Your aggregate content can even be in a separate database.
Also a huge advantage is that you are not restricted to the MS world. If for example you use a different LDAP server than MS AD, you can very easily connect it to OBIEE. And this is not a pathological example, that can be a real world and license sensitive question.
You can also run OBIEE over Linux (Red Hat or Oracle Linux).
You can scale OBIEE both vertically and horizontally for availability and performance improvements.
These are my first thoughts, there are probably other advantages as well.
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John BeckerConsultantPOPULAR

I don't have any experience with these two BI solutions, but just came back from a Information Builders Users Summit, in Orlando, FL yesterday, and they are doing some tremendous things in the BI space!

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I haven't used either, but I can Imagine that if you already have an Oracle 12g database established maybe OBIEE will be best bet for integration.

By the way, if you need to BI something from (say) SAP (SAP-PS or SAP-PM) then you won't gain much of an advantage from using OBIEE compared to MS BI.

Of course if there is no other restrictions (say financials)…

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