What are the licensing costs of Automation Anywhere?


I work for a telecommunications company with 1,000- 5,000 employees.

We are currently evaluating Automation Anywhere. What are the overall costs involved?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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The usual answer with software is "It depends".

The variable cost is # of bots. I would expect each is less than $10,000. You have to assume one bot for every 2,000 hours of work and I would assume that the bot processing speed is the same as a human. That is pretty easy to calculate. The challenge is the cost of integrating with legacy systems. If the legacy is not Oracle, SAP or Dynamic you may be paying to build it. Also, there are hardware costs

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Thanks for reaching out. AA costs should account for the following 3 aspects that will enable me to further help you:

* Licensing Costs
The licensing costs depend on the different components you are deploying: Bot Creator, Control Room, Analytics (Bot Insights), Bot Runner (attended, unattended), OCR (IQBot). The user count has a limited impact on the number of licenses but rather the processes to be automated and how you plan to automate them. Your AA Rep or partner should have provided that info to you. So are you doing the evaluation yourself or is AA involved and why haven’t they given you the pricing info?
* Implementation Costs
RPA is a business transformation initiative and implementation costs depend on the RPA maturity level. We do have an extensive methodology on that topic. It includes: Readiness, Implementation, Enablement (from PMO to Center of Excellence)
* Managed Services Costs
Companies have two options: Onshore and Offshore or a blend of both.

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It depends on what exactly you need and the process complexity plus you will need a discovery session for your business process then you go for cost. The most important question what is the value?

Automation Anywhere is the only provider who can give you and your telecom co end to end solution: (IQ bot - bot runner - Insights) from one platform No hidden costs, No struggling with 3rd parties integration. (OCRs or data visualization applications).

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The cost will depend upon what you wish to automate! Most of the users have indicated the cost of the bot. So multiple $10k with the number of a bot (assumed at giving 2000 hours of productivity = 1 user).

You must budget in approx. $1million at a min, for 100 users saves PLUS deployment and configuration charge of the SI or the advisor running the deal.

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I agree, it depends, but I'm sure that is best cost effective compared with another RPA solutions in the market.

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Based on our understanding It may cost approximately around a hundred thousand dollars PA ( MRP ) for say 3 control room licenses ( Test/ Dev/Prod ) /10 Bot creator licenses and 5 bot runners licenses. However, the overall cost may depend on how many control rooms, Bot creators or Bot runners - Attended and un-attended bots would be required. If there is a commitment from management to take RPA implementation across the organization, then perhaps substantial negotiation could be done with the RPA vendor.

Need to take into account, the license cost every year, the recurring fixed cost may be justified only if the RPA tool used across the organization resulting in a sea change in process improvements and efficiency. One may negotiate with the vendor if one plans to procure more robots or other
components in say around next 2-3 years’ time, then perhaps you have a chance of reducing the cost by negotiating with the vendor on not charging
annual licensing and instead consider AMC.

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The cost is really dependent on the application.

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I would love to help; however, I don't have enough information to answer this question. I would need to know the processes they are looking to automate and the transaction volume (# of times the process needs to run each day) in order to determine how many bots would be required to deliver the expected outcome. Unfortunately, I just don't have enough information to create an automation workflow design that would lead to a valid quote.

If you want to connect me with this person directly, I can uncover those details and help him with pricing.

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