What are the pros and cons of AppDynamics?

I work in the government sector.

I am currently researching AppDynamics. What are some of the pros and cons? Would you recommend this solution?

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

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When selecting an APM tool, there are two very important criteria that you should make sure that the tool meets:

1. Does the tool match the architecture of your applications, and support the languages, and infrastructure of your applications. For example, AppDynamics will do very well with an N-Tier application built in a modern language and using some sort of reasonably modern infrastructure like Tomcat, JBoss, Springboot, CloudFoundry, OpenShift, and any reasonable modern database. However if your application is built around microservices orchestrated by Kubernetes in 6 different languages, then tools like Dynatrace and Instana that automate the instrumentation process might be a better choice.

2. Who will the actual users of the tool be, and does the tool actually do what those users need? Users of APM tools range from developers building code, to developers supporting code in production, to DevOps teams, to CI/CD teams, to management. Each of these constituencies have different requirements and different desired benefits of the tool.

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It would be great if you could highlight your requirements at a high level, so, I can guide you accordingly.

Putting in general Pros and Cons does not always work.

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I have been consulting & supporting the APM solution area since 1994. Compuware ECO System, BMC ProactiveNet, Empirix' eTest, Platinum' EPM, eG Innovation' eG Enterprise and Now APPDYNAMICS.

Before AppDynamics, previous APM solutions that I experienced focused on infrastructure-based Application-Layer Monitoring even Network layer. Thus, those Monitoring are not familiar business level analytic.

Like Splunk, Datadog, LogLogics as Log analytic solution also said APM. I think A Buyer wants to see Log what happened there and what happens will do within my infrastructure, then you can select any of APM solution what I mentioned.

If your business owner really wants to know more in-depth business level analytic thru Big data and AI even SAP ABAP code analytic, you have to consider APPDYNAMICS as a primary candidate.

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