What are the pros and cons of JBoss and Oracle Middleware?

What are the pros and cons of JBoss and Oracle Middleware? Would you recommend one over the other?

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I have used both fo rmany years and I prefer JBoss. JBoss integrates nicely with open source IDEs and is always pushing to be upto date; while WLS is a little behind and expensive ($). It also depends on how and what features you use in either App Server.

An important note is to package your application that the EAR, WAR can be deployed on either application server with minimal development and devOps work. This will help you in future in case you migrate from one app server to another.

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If possible I would go with JBoss or Apache Tomcat before considering Oracle (BEA WebLogic) simply from a licencing and cost prospective,

BEA is a very good and mature app server which performs quite well using a highly optimized java runtime. Unfortunately Oracle has really made a mess of the licence model. By charging per core, it makes it very expensive to run it on multiple physical servers which you should use for load balancing and automatic fail over. VMWare is also not an option due to Oracle's restrictions. Steer clear if you can.

JBoss and Tomcat work quite well and are also quality mature products.

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A few years back we did a paper comparing WebSphere, JBoss, and TCO.

Also, I found this article that compares JBoss, Weblogic, and WebSphere.

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Between Jboss an WLS the great difference it's the poor documentation in JBoss over WLS, more years in the market WLS make this

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It probably depends more on whether you are developing your own apps or
purchasing them. If developing, go JBoss or Tomcat especially if you are
going to sell it to others. If you are purchasing, then often your vendor
has made the decision for you.

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Thanks for all of you ... what if I don't care about licensing , is it still the same result that JBoss is better than WLS ?

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I agree with some of others; WLS is widely documented and have great support, also, some things are quite easy to make in WLS compared with WAS or JBoss, however; the big problem of WLS is its licensing, it makes it very expensive; so, if you need a JEE container, I would use JBoss Community Edition (WildFly) which is free and open-source, although it's a little less documented or has less level of supporting.

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