What best practices should we adopt when working with Adobe and Documentum?


The company that I work for is currently planning to invest in an ECM solution as a long term strategic objective and Adobe Forms was identified as one of the products that will be used to load & manage our data. I'm a senior manager in charge of the enterprise information for our organization and also the project owner for the e-Repository project linked to the ECM project. 

I'm look to hear from other users:

  • How should we approach the project to effectively utilize Adobe products to be able to integrate with Documentum as the ECM tool?
  • What best practices should we adopt for the success of the project?
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I'm familiar with Adobe, Documentum and SharePoint. There are several great enterprise content management solutions in the market that offer intelligent data capture, dynamic workflow, forms management and dashboard/KPI management oversight. These solutions are cost effective, are utilized by State and Federal Agencies in addition to the Fortune 500/1000 and won't require a ton of SharePoint development time. Look for a solution that includes the features mentioned above with deployment flexibility, cloud or on-premises. check out www.docstar.com.

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bwinettReal UserTOP 20

I'd recommend an agile model for development and implementation. Schedule releases for every 2 weeks or every month so that users get early experience with the application and can give early feedback. A big-bang approach could result in significant time and dollars taking the project in the wrong direction.

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Harsha PindiReal User

I am not familiar with Documentum or Adobe forms. Instead you can utilize SharePoint for Document Management, you can find tons of Resources (Consultants, Samples etc..) It is Implemented in 80% of top 500 Companies and is tightly integrated with MS Office.

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I am not very familiar with either Adobe Forms or Documentum. As far integration goes, use CMIS if supported by Adobe Forms.

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My expertise is database administration. Although I have worked with Document management, I’ve only reached the point of telling management that if we wanted to buy a solution that already had the document management functions that we need already developed we should invest in Documentum. I have not had the pleasure of working in a large IT environment that was using Documentum.

Whatever solution you put into place should identify what document change tracking you need and be able to show the senior management how that change tracking is being done. The change management should be auditable but, prevent those that are making changes from being able to change what is recorded regarding their change management history. It sounds like you have IT products that address those needs. Now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road.

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