What Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution would you recommend for others?


Hi, I'm exploring various BMP solutions. 

What Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution can you recommend (can be open-source or not)?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi ! 

Open-source, I don't recommend going for open source solutions on this kind of solutions, because when you ask for support it costs like licensing, better go with licensing product , even so, I tried Bonita software, it's good as an open-source. Otherwise, n I recommend the Nintex ( Nintex workflow cloud and K2 ) and the power platform of Microsoft! 

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Hi James,

It really depends on what you are planning to use the BPM output for. Are you seeking a tool to simply model your processes and then modify them to improve manual work, or are you looking for a tool that will also feed into intelligent process automation? Are you looking for something completely drag-and-drop, or are you looking for a robust tool for serious process automation? Do you have a huge budget available for Day One or are you looking to "try before you buy?"

I've used Appian and Bizagi, and looked at most of the other "big" tools in the space. If you are just modeling with no plans for automation, you can even use Visio. For a BPM tool to go the next step of automation, and with a free, fully-supported version for design and test (but not production), I am really partial to Bizagi.

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Hi, I think you should consider the following criteria:

- Advanced process modelling, orchestration, choreography and monitoring capabilities

- Flexible pricing model without limitations on number of processes/applications

- Capacity to innovate and integrate with new technologies

- Ease of use for building and modifying processes for rapid deployment

- Scalability: the power to start small but scale to handle enterprise-wide automations 

Take a look at AuraQuantic, it ticks all these boxes. 

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ARIS from Software AG -- as it has an ecosystem with other product in the same family, such BPMN which help easily to integrate new design process or E2E to other ERP or to pull from it and do changes. 

The only thing the Org needs is to specify their needs, align their IT capability with their business capability before they decide, as Software AG price is not cheap. 

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It depends on your scope of usage, and I don't know about others, but SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management helps you rapidly tailor your business processes to changing business needs by enabling the following:

  • Joint modeling of processes by business and IT specialists

  • Central process execution via a robust Java-based process engine

  • Provision of intuitive interfaces for business users

  • Integration of business rules into your processes

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Hi, Whatever the solution is open-source or not, the most important is that the platform allow you to execute business process. The issue with open-source solution, it is to have good expertise on that solution.

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It depends a lot on the specific need. If it is a huge application or a small one, integration requirements, if required just BPM or also Case Management, existing infrastructure in the organization, if "built-in" interface is required,  etc...

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BPM does not exist in isolation and needs to align/integrate with other IT and business initiatives. We recommend QualiWare to our customers. The easy to use web interface easily accommodates all parts of the organization from content consumers to business management as well as IT/business analysts and architects.

.... The strength of QualiWare is the relationships between content as well as the use of advanced visualizations to ensure content is easily consumed. Highly configurable to only serve up the information needed by a particular audience. No need to be an IT expert - just need to know how to use a browser... Other key item is the ability to manage/visualize processes in multiple languages (VERY important in Canada - French and English).

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Hi, I think you can see from the responses that you have received so far that this is such an open ended question that it's impossible to answer. Can I suggest you clarify what problem you are trying to solve and what success would look like? There are a million tools out there and you can simply waste a lot of time learning the idiosyncrasies of each, I know, I have been down that path too. If you really want to get the benefit of investing in a BPM solution you seriously need to think not only about the initial cost in time and money, but more how much will it cost you to maintain going forward (if you can do it at all with an open source platform!). Just trying to share some lessons learnt. Cheers, Brian

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I recommend Licensed product instead of open source , even using platform like SharePoint cost effective to implement any type of automation or workflow included integration

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