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What do you like most about Informatica Axon?


Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about Informatica Axon?

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22 Answers

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The solution allows the complete governance process, starting from the data quality, those definitions, and it can get the data quality in the EDC.

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The features that I have found most valuable are, first of all, that it comes as part of this whole bundle of Informatica tools. So if you've been implementing Informatica MDM across a business, you'd often find it comes with it. It's been thrown in as a sweetener. The adoption of it is often the challenge because as part of your MDM project, governance is seen as something beyond the MDM and is often restrictive. So this tool actually, for the first time, when you talk to data governance teams, gives a holistic view of what a data governance team can do with this tool.

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