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What do you like most about Microsoft MDS?


Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about Microsoft MDS?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community!

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77 Answers

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It's very easy to use.

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It has a very good feature called Excel plug-in. You just have to install the plug-in, and then it directly connects to the MDS instance where you can maintain and manage your data and publish it right through Excel. You don't need to go to the front end to make any changes.

It has easy integration with SQL Server, and you can use SSIS to do the ETLs. It is a part of the Microsoft stack. It works with most of the Microsoft stuff.

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Its availability for a secured server is one of its most valuable features. Also its replications - we can manage eight replicas. Their clustering and availability groups are also valuable.

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What I like about Microsoft, is that it has a huge database with many users.

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It is very easy to deploy and provision a machine.

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The most valuable feature is the administration console.

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Technical support is very good.

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