What is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and how useful is it?


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What is an ESB used for in business? How useful is it to have an ESB? Thanks.

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Slightly escaping the technical language, an ESB is a software that allows you to establish communications between various business applications, allowing the reuse of functionalities and data and, thus, minimizing redundancies.

For example, if we have two or more applications making available the management features of the entity of the customers, we need to choose one to make this management available and the others whenever they need this information, send a request for this data to the selected application, and receive the response through the ESB, which serves as a communication link between applications.

In this way, we can avoid redundancies and, thus, minimize costs and increase the quality of data.

However, I must also mention that in large organizations, where there is a high flow of requests between the various applications, this can generate traffic congestion, because the ESB works centrally in the management of requests and responses.

For that reason, there are some companies that are preferring to develop their solutions based on microservices, which can work independently, case by case, avoiding congestion.

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@BPMexp67 ​thanks for a really helpful response! It seems that ESBs would then not be ideal for larger organizations - is this a correct assumption?

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I would add slight thing to the nice explanation from BPMexp76

ESB would have great added value if you decided to migrate one of the core systems you use

For example if you decided to migrate Email server, instead of changing all other interfaces from all systems you have in order to integrate with new server, you only have to chabge one connection to ESB and the rest remains the same 

Als nnumber of integration points would be N*(N-1) for N systems if you decided not to use ESB, but with ESB the number would be N only

A aan example if you have 10 different systems you will need 10 integration points using ESB and 90 if you don't 

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@Mahmoud Elkholy ​thanks for this! 

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