2017-10-05 16:42:00 UTC

What is lacking in comparison with AirWatch?

Management is considering the MS Intune MDM that comes with the O365 and related product suite, although we have a 4000 device implementation of AirWatch in place with a multi-tenant (4 company) infrastructure.  What have poeple seen as the major drawbacks to Intune - or for AirWatch for that matter - that I should include as key considerations for a report?  thanks!

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Based on our experience clients are migrating from Intune to AirWatch based on complex and unreliable technology that positions Intune as a side product and not a MDM solution for daily usage.

2017-11-02 07:19:43 UTC
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The has been many updates to O365 and Intune over the last 6 months to the point where there is not a lot of difference between Intune and Airwatch. The new O365 incorporates Azure AD which provides more scope to what Intune can do. After a scope of our clients requirements we have found that they want the basic elements that both Servies provide. Intune is also incorporated into the Office 365 admin web portal and is linked to AD which is easier to manage than 2 seperate web portals.

Intune combined with EM+S https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/cloud-platform/enterprise-mobility-security cover many issues that business is facing so it goes beyond device management. The new Microsoft 365 Enterprise product includes EM+S and is worth your consideration.

Hope this helps.

2017-11-08 00:28:52 UTC
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What I see as a big problem is that InTune do not have a hierarchy solution.
And there is problem to use multi LDAP,DEP and VPP connections.

2017-11-01 08:04:58 UTC
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Airwatch has got lot of capabilities compared to Intune. It is also costly and its worthy only when you all features. If you servers are microsoft centric environments, then Intune is the best fit which can easily integrate.

2017-11-01 10:21:33 UTC
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Recommend reading https://www.google.com/amp/s/uk.pcmag.com/cloud-services/76018/guide/the-best-mobile-device-management-mdm-solutions-of-2017%3famp=1
When it comes to compliance nobody does it better than Microsoft. Tools to help you meet and keep health protocol compliance include cloud app Security, rights management, Azure Information Protection now with scanner, and the upcoming compliance manager are just a few of the tools that dramatically set MICROSOFT apart from the competition .

2017-10-31 15:28:46 UTC
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