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What is the biggest difference between Aruba Wireless and Ruckus Wireless?


One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Aruba Wireless vs Ruckus Wireless.

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

What is the biggest difference between Aruba Wireless and Ruckus Wireless? Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating wireless LANs and why?

Thanks for helping your peers make the best decision!

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Differences between Aruba and Ruckus:
- The Aruba GUI is more pleasing as well as easier to learn for both the unseasoned and seasoned technician.
- When it comes down to support, Aruba, backed by HPE is just more available and ready to assist, especially when it comes down to potential technical issues.
- Ruckus is great for single or minimal AP deployment but Aruba is best for a multi-AP deployment when moving from AP to AP particularly for mobile applications. iPhone can be quite 'sticky' when it comes to moving from one IP address to another and tends to want to stay where it is IP-wise. The Aruba platform is best when it comes to this movement between APs in a larger environment such as a mall, airport or major venue requiring multiple APs as it practically 'pushes' the mobile device off that address when moving towards another AP so the movement is more seamless.
These are the main differences we have encountered and we are very pleased with how Aruba stands up in these situations.

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Honestly, I have been pushing away from Aruba. I have not used Ruckus either. I have, however, been deploying Ubiquiti. The cost vs what they provide is fantastic! The cloud management of multiple sites in a single interface is very nice. APs at 1/10th the cost of Aruba allows us to deploy more access points for better coverage more cost-effective. Plus I have the ability to add a camera system to mix and have the same nice features as let's say Nest with mobile notifications. The best part of all of this is no monthly fees!

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There are some differences for sure, based on our usage and my knowledge of using both systems here are the main takeaways versus the other:

Ruckus -

- Easier to manage
- Usually, a higher client count is supported per AP
- Cheaper
- Support is more responsive
- Better fit for smaller IT department
- Updates are more aligned with LTS (a few updates per year for each product)
- Better situation for tenancy (if you require it)
- The best EAP-TLS certificate-based solution (Cloudpath) for onboarding devices (i.e. dorm room)

Aruba -

- More features
- Higher security focus, especially coupled with ClearPass
- Will need to have more advanced knowledge of wireless in order to get success
- Updates are more aligned with rolling upgrades (constant updates)
- Most deployments are going to be tunneled back to controller

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I’m closely working with Aruba but haven't worked with Ruckus.
I can share an experience, i.e. roaming a client device from one AP to other AP is very much faster (seamless) with Aruba whereas on Ruckus you cannot change device connectivity from one AP to another AP while the user is roaming.

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