What Is The Biggest Difference Between Automation Anywhere And Blue Prism?


One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism.

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

What is the biggest difference between Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism? Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating RPA platforms and why?

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Cost will depend upon what you wish to automate! Most of the users have indicated the cost of the bot. So multiple $10k with the number of bot (assumed at giving 2000 hours of productivity = 1 User)

You must budget in approx. $1mio at a min, for 100 user saves PLUS deployment and configuration charge of the SI or the advisor running the deal

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Automation Anywhere provides below features better than Blue prism:

1. End-to-End Solutions,--------------- (IQ Bot - Bot Runner (Attended & Unattended) - Bot creator -Bot Insights) one platform blue prism needs integrations with OCRs & insights apps)
2. Cost of Ownership,-------------------No hidden costs, especially with the Integration part.
3. Scalability--------------------------------AAI the only Provider how can provide thousands of bots while the others struggling with hundreds.
4. Ease of use,-----------------------------Both are easy I believe however the library of commands and the bot store is making your automation process way easier and faster.
5. Security,--------------------------------- since 2016 the security reached Veracode level 6 with automation Anywhere and enhanced way better.
6. A+ Customer Success,------------- (24 X7 X365) worldwide customer service, with assigned dedicated employees for each project.
7. Blue prism has only Unattended bots.

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As rightly pointed out by Jason, the start up cost between the two is a big differentiation factor. However, I believe, Blue Prism is also fairly easy to use for a non-program as the tool provides a huge set of activities, which can be used unambiguously, as long as a person understand the logic.
As we are moving towards the world of heavy cognitive applications, Automation Anywhere right now is ahead of Blue Prism.

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First big difference is start-up cost. Last I checked BluePrism was about $100k to start. AA lets you start small, $10k gets you everything you need to get a bot in production, and grow incrementally, adding additional bots and dev licenses and control rooms. So, AA lets you ramp up at your own pace, versus buying a big application that you may not be able to fully utilize for 1-2 years.
Second is ease of training. AA is built for people that don't have coding background, so its more intuitive, more visual, and generally easier to get started on.

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