What is the biggest difference between IBM SPSS Modeler and KNIME?

I have experience working as a data scientist and as an associate professor of statistics.

I am currently evaluating IBM SPSS Modeler and KNIME. What are the biggest differences between the two? Which do you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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The main difference lies in the community that has KNIME because the additional modules serve a multitude of different jobs from image processing, management of ssh file systems to chemical molecule calculations.

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KNIME. It free, open-source, and you can plug in Java, Python, R, and Matlab. The community is awesome.

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I am not familiar with KNIME, but the main difference is KNIME is open-source and free.

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I used IBM Modeler several years ago and found it to be effective, but expensive. Fortunately, it was for a commercially funded contract.
For KNIME I have only used it for experimental purposes and found it rather cumbersome but powerful. It is also more cost-effective.
I found RapidMiner more intuitive to learn. However, there is so much choice nowadays that it is difficult to be definitive. In my experience, it largely depended on the quality of the add-on extensions. Clearly, though, at least in universities, the cost is a significant factor.

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