What is the difference between PAM and PAS?


Can someone explain the difference between PAM and PAS?


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Hi Victoria,

Please find the difference between PAM and PAS (PIM)

We have two different directory environments Active Dirextory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD). One being on-premises (AD) and one in the Cloud (AAD). PAM deals with elevated privileges on-premises with any system that uses Active Directory to control the access. PIM does the same sort of thing for access to roles in Azure AD.

Easy to remember if you think that ‘pAm’ is Active Directory and ‘pIm’ is Internet.

PIM and PAM can be used to help address the following problems:

  • Pass the hash attacks.

  • Pass the ticket attacks.

  • Spear phishing.

  • Lateral movement attacks.

  • Privilege escalation.

So, PIM and PAM are related but live in two different realms. One provides access to AD resources and one to the Internet. Providing access to elevated privileges for the right users, when they need them. Both have their place, but they work independently to control privileged access to services.

I hope this gives basic idea.


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