What is the price range for Web Content Management solutions?

I have experience working as an IT Manager in all aspects of software development.

We are currently evaluating Web Content Management solutions. What is the range of prices for WCM solutions like Magnolia and dotCMS?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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Although we have no direct experience implementing Magnolia or dotCMS, our technical team likely could figure it out fairly quickly. Both are known to be simple to deploy. However, both are open source and are therefore free. Implementation costs, if you use an outside contractor, will depend on what exactly are you implementing and how customized versus out-of-the-box.

I should think though, that a simple brochure website or intranet using either will run in the low 10s-of thousands of dollars, not 100s-of-thousands of dollars. More expensive than Wordpress, but more robust web content management functionality. Magnolia is a solid solution, comparable to Kentico, and more robust than SharePoint (for web content management).

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Web Content Management consists of the following:

(1) Platform
(2) Tools
(3) Frameworks.

In general, there are two types for each of the above. These are completely open-source free versions and paid versions. My suggestion is to go those within the price range of USD 39 to USD 400. I found these to be the best in the market. Platforms like Joomla, Drupal can remove the need for hardcore techies to launch your applications. They are comprehensive, flexible and extendable. Based on these are so many tools and frameworks that speed your application development. Examples like Joomshaper, Codeigniter, etc. Magnolia is based on Java and could end up been pricey unless you are Java shop.

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