What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Avanan?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

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Everything is negotiable, but it is fair and reasonable for what you get. It is based off of your Office 365 licensing, so it is user-based. Avanan works with you on how you need to have it arranged. If I'm making a movie, we may only have five to six users at the very beginning. When we go to principal photography, or whatever, a couple months later, I may have 400 or 1,800 users. It varies by week. We have people come on and off. Then, when it goes into post-production, it may drop back down to 200 users and finally back down to 18 users. A movie can take anywhere from eight months to three years to make just depending on what's going on with it. There is absolutely no way to sign a commitment for a movie to use a product to say, "I'm going to buy 500 seats," when some weeks it's only eight people and other weeks it is 1,800 people. I'm not going to buy 1,800 seats for three years. That's ridiculous. Having the flexibility and modeling to do the pricing that best fits the needs of the organization is incredibly ideal. That is what Avanan does. They know exactly how many users are using it, etc. We can tune the invoicing associated with how we are using the product so we can charge it back to the shows appropriately. When making a movie, if my budget is $15 million and then it burns down, I can't go back and ask for more money. Once it's gone, it's gone. If my technology stack is going to cost me a million dollars for a show that only costs $12 million to make, that's ridiculously expensive. The technology doesn't change. You're still going to have the same amount of users. You're still going to have the same systems and everything else, so you have to be more flexible on how you can maximize the investment and work through the cost models that best fit the needs of the particular project or environment that you're working in. In corporate, it is completely different. However, on the corporate side, it does vary throughout the year where we have different things that come in within the organization. The licensing is really negotiable on what works best. If your organization is going to be at a set level for the next three years, then sign a three-year deal. You'll get a better value for it. If your numbers vary a lot, then go to month-to-month licensing. We manage whom we want to cover and don't want to cover in regards to the television side. However, on the corporate side, we just cover everybody. There are accounts which don't have email accounts that you don't want to have count against your total number that you're paying for protection. There are a lot of different levers that you can pull to customize it however you see fit for the organization. But, if I am a small to midsize company or even just a small mom and pop shop of eight people, this is an ideal solution because then you can pay month-to-month. You're not paying any kind of overhead for hardware or anything else associated that goes in with it. It is very elegant and very clean.

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