What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Bizagi?

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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Bizagi?

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A mentioned by Neil below, Bizagi has changed its on-prem licensing model from user-based to process-based, as is the case with its cloud solution. There are tiers based on the number of Bizagi Processing Units (BPU) used per month. The current estimation tool (an Excel spreadsheet) is a tad cryptic to the new user, but fairly accurate in its calculations. The entry-level is a 12.5 BPU license.

The good news is there is no cost for using the Modeler or Studio to model or build your process applications, and test them with up to 20 users.

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The annual licensing fees are approximately $60,000 USD for ten or twelve users.

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I think that its price is reasonable.

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I used the trial version and I'm searching for the pricing. We'd be happy to carry the product because it does what we need and are already developing for it.

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Bizagi had very convenient licensing prices, USD 550 per user. However, they recently changed their pricing to USD 800 per user, which seems like a very steep increase. If they can freeze the pricing in a contract, I advise them to do so.

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The value proposition of the product compared to its competitors is strong. Recent changes in the pricing model for On-Prem installs have eliminated perpetual pricing with maintenance to match the usage-based pricing model for Cloud. This pricing is a better value for larger organizations with many users and this mirrors Bizagi's recent moves to focus on larger accounts, larger partners etc.

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